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Click the 6-link picture for a you tube video in action!e and watch the installation video for the 6k! 

Updated May 5, 2015                                                                              EST. 01/01/00

 IRS 6-LINK  For All 1963 TO 82  Corvettes 

 63-82 Dragvette 6 - Link $895.00

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      NOW is the time to update your suspension. A  Dragvette 6-Link Suspension System. Will make your Corvette a SUPER THREAT ! Used by road racers, auto crossers, drag racers and enthusiastic street drivers.  

Originally developed for drag racing. It soon became apparent The 6-Link improved all types of driving disciplines. Every type of driving requires maximum traction. The 6-Link does this by establishing the largest tire contact patch by holding the tire straight up and down to the pavement. Old bias tires may have worked better with the camber moving all over but today's radials with stiffer side walls don't. Road racer Brett Jarvis set the 6-link at 1/2 negative camber and found the middle and inside edge of the tire to be 180 degrees while the outside edge was 170 degrees. This set up still allowed Bret to outperform his competition by 2 seconds per lap when racing at Road America in Wisconsin. He plans to adjust the camber to less than 1/2 deg for his next race. You can adjust the system to hold 0 degrees though out the travel of the suspension or you can set it a any camber and it will hold that same amount of camber though out the 6-Links travel. A small camber setting will have minimal effect on the straight line performance. We recommend 0 degrees camber for drag racing and enthusiastic street driving. 

    While Corvette drivers make all types of changes to their rear suspension including springs, shocks, changing to coil-overs, double adjustable shocks, dual mount springs, shark bite systems, all in the pursuit of better handling. The truth is they can all help but none of them fix the real problem and that's getting as much of the tread on the road as possible.             
A new development for the Dragvette 6-Link a bottom strut bar system that allows the rear wheels to camber with 3 main settings plus fine turning for each setting. Drag race mode, Street mode, Auto cross mode. Adjust the main setting in less than 6 minutes with changing only two bolts!           


Brett Jarvis a 10 year road racing veteran in the pits at the Road America race in Wisconsin. He was excited about the performance of the newly installed Dragvette 6-Link! 

 Steve Yates the 6-Link developer. Racing at Indy. Click on this picture to go to Ebay Store. 

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     All "Dragvette Products" were developed at the raceway to solve problems that I encountered with my STOCK IRS 10.81 quarter mile Corvette. You can bet the 1.45 sixty foot run that is shown above has given my rear suspension kit the ultimate real world test. Time after time!  Let the Dragvette 6-Link put the fun back into drag racing by solving your safety, consistency, traction and breakage problems. 

      Our Customer demonstrates The 6-Links traction at Milan Raceway. The rear tire is planted straight up and down! The picture tells it all. You can see the bottom strut bars of the Dragvette 6-Link with the stock IRS. Awesome !!!!!